Hi, I'm Siavash!

I share my stories to end interpersonal gender violence and to foster healthy masculinity.

My Story

I was a near victim of the mass shooting at UCSB in 2014. I transformed that traumatic experience into a mission to foster more compassionate communities, co-founding a multidisciplinary project called Boys ’n’ Guns: Masculinity in a Culture of Violence with the mission of ending interpersonal gendered violence. I facilitate workshops for high school and college students to address the ways in which societal pressures interact with mass shootings.

Where I've spoken

I’ve spoken to more than 30 groups, including high schools, fraternities, and research conferences. I love to share my story to open up conversations with young people on social issues they recognize in their communities. Those conversations are so healing and empowering. I also love to teach people my tactics that have been so helpful in ending sexual violence in fraternities.

Below are a few of my favorite memories.

Kehillah Jewish High School
All-gender Program
UCSB Inter-Fraternity Council
Fraternity Program
Social Justice Seminar
Social Change & Tactics Workshop

Get in touch with me!

Want to say hi? Whether you'd like to book a speaking engagement, have a media inquiry, or just want to ask questions about my work, send me a message!

I'd love to speak for your group!

I speak to schools, organizations, and other groups. Because I'm passionate about my mission, my speaking fees are flexible to your budget.